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Δευτέρα, 8 Μαΐου 2017

Tune of the Day, Mark Free - Dying For Your Love

I fell into your hands
When I fell into your bed
So soft I never knew
The nails where the till I bled

And you can stike me like a match
And wound your body in the flame
Now it's a war of fire raging
There I never wanna tame

In yours arms there's no return
Baby be the fire let me burn
you've got me dying for your love
Lost inside through the night
I don't wanna see the morning light
you've got me dying for your love

You move me like the sea
A river running through my blood
So deep I never knew till' I was drowning in the flood

You could crawl under my skin
And be a fever in my veins
Now it's a never ending hunger
That I never wanna change

I could turn and walk away
Cos' I know it's not too late
You show me what the night is for
Leave tomorrow waiting at the door
Marcie Michelle Free (born Mark Edward Free on April 12, 1954)

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