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Πέμπτη, 17 Νοεμβρίου 2016

Tune of the Day, Messenger "The Return"

Shroud woven...suffocate his soul and vital core
Once of life, relic, earthward bound in ever changing form
Give some time, focus, bind the flesh to natural soil,
Life will rise, will love...

The earth is pressed by unseen steps
where spirits drift under the moon...
Commune a while on secret paths,
recounting tales till twilight fades

The drone subsides, the lights grow dim
we're lost in echoes of shadows closing in...

I lay for some time in the depths of her mind,
and played on the strings of her heart
Transfixed by the beauty that shone through her eyes
as she dreamt up the future and rebuilt the start

Slowly we fought off our fears,
we laughed so exultantly right through the tears
when a voice spoke from the void,
with the force of one thousand burning stars:

"Even time can Love ensnare
Even loss can Love repair
Even life can Love reform
Even death can Love withdraw
Love is you, Love is me
Love is all you see and breathe
Love outshines the brightest sun
Love is we and we are One..."

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