The Rockin' Dead - Victory Or Death

Written by Panos Malahias (Music) & Costas Striftos (Lyrics)

Vocals: Costas Striftos & Anna Economopoulos
Guitar: Panos Malahias
Bass: Theo Papachristopoulos
Drums: Akis Gavalas

Can you hear me now, I’m standing beside you?
I’m the rebel voice reaching inside you
Born and bred inside a brutal system
You’re just another product an innocent victim

What’s real or fake, you can’t even tell
Ignorance is bliss for the lies that they sell
They made you so blunt, ruling by fear
Engaging scare tactics through media warfare

They keep you jaded, you live in confusion
Your freedom of will… a fabricated delusion
You got so weary, being exposed to the grind
They made you forget, but they can’t kill your mind

This is our chance to make a change
Tonight we rise against
Just hold your breath and follow me
In Victory or Death,
Victory or Death
There where our worlds collide
Right there we make our stand
I’ve looked inside their eyes
I’ve seen their face, I know they’re afraid
I know they’re afraid

Can you see me now or have they managed to blind you?
I’m the raw truth that’s been trying to find you
Can you feel it coming, it’s all around you
The dawn of a new age is waking inside you

Like a light in the dark, a silver lining
The system is failing, there’s no denying
The word is spreading, the walls are shaking
The streets are on fire and the city is burning

A cry for justice, this is your retribution
A call to arms, bring on the revolution
Destiny is calling, tonight we meet our fate,
We’ll be dancing with the angels or rockin’ with the dead…


The system has failed
The word is spreading
The streets are on fire
And the city is burning
Destiny is calling
Hell’s reach never felt so close
Hell’s reach never felt so close…

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