Savatage - Heal My Soul

Όταν οι σκιές μεγαλώνουν στούς τοίχους τότε έχουμε ιστορίες να σας πούμε ..
Travellers Stories

I've been waiting, long forgotten
Shipwrecked on a distant shore
Am I drifting, no more wanted
Floating outward evermore

All the dreams that I have harbored
In the labyrinth of my soul
Gone forever
Not discarded
Only sleeping
Till they're whole

In the graveyard of my heart now
Sleep the years that I've long sold
For their markers is there nothing
Only ghost I cannot hold

And Father hear me
I am tired
Shall I waken
In thy home

And hold me closer
I am trying
Sweet Lord Jesus
Heal my soul

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