Magic Pie - What If

Όταν οι σκιές μεγαλώνουν στούς τοίχους τότε έχουμε ιστορίες να σας πούμε..Travellers Stories

The sun rises to winds from the north
The winter is bitter, but the summer comes forth
The breeze you feel comes from yesteryears air
It's always the same wind that touches your hair

It's getting harder to keep up... with the changes
Stay clean, stay healthy, stay alive
Have a pice of Magic Pie

An old man dies, and a child is born
One soul is saved, and another is torn
One conscious is dirty, and the next one is clean
There is life on either side of the screen

It's getting harder to keep up...

What if you were the world, and the shadows your friend
What if light was like darkness, and beginning the end
What if you were the sky, and commanded the clouds
What if shallow was deep, and silence was loud

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