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Τρίτη, 26 Απριλίου 2016

Jana Mashonee:The Spirit Of One

T'áá áníiɫtsxoh nihil hasht'e hódit ée doo
(There will be a time of peace for everyone)
Hoolaagoo t'ááláhigoo dáhó nidlóodoo
(There will come a time when we can live as one)

Open up your heart and let the spirit in
Put your hand in mine and let the love begin

Nihíjee bí'dḝḝ' oodla' bee daníhídziil doo
(If we have faith and we believe, then we can all be strong)
And make a joyful noise when we all sing this song

T'aala'ígíí dáníhíníɫch'i
(We are all one spirit)
Yót'áá bee yiikáh
(Flying high above)
Si hádádiniit'íigo
(Searching for an answer)
Akϱϱh si éi dei ɫtsá
(And the answer is love)

One thing we all know
And that is plain to see
Si hásin yígí éí
(Love will light the way)
Bee nihí doo chid
(And the truth will set us free)

We are all one spirit
Flying high above
Searching for an answer
And the answer is love

T'aala'ígíí daniidɫíigo
(We are all one people)
Laa naad éí dániidzingo
(And it's hope we're thinking of)
Si bee ádiidɫáago
(We have found the answer)
Akϱϱh si éí dei ɫtsá*
(And the answer is love)

*sung in Navajo

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